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Balsamic vinegar is truly an amazing condiment. It offers tremendous flavor with little calories. Added bonus it is amazing for the digestive system, cardiovascular system, metabolism, and blood sugar stabilization. It is easy to find loads of studies of the effects of balsamic vinegar throughout the centuries. It really isn't new news. The ancient Greeks even studied the healing abilities of this "nectar of the gods".How does vinegar pack such a healthy punch? First, balsamic vinegar in particular comes from aged grape must. Grapes are naturally high in polyphenol content. The antioxidants in balsamic vinegar act to boost the activity of pepsin enzymes. Pepsin is an enzyme that is secreted in the stomach to aid in the breakdown of large protein molecules into smaller peptides or amino acids. These travel to the intestine where they are absorbed into the bloodstream. Proteins and fats are considered “slow burning fuel". They help our blood sugar remain steady,...

Authentic Balsamic Vinegar

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There is nothing better than Balsamic vinegar. More than just a condiment for salads or marinades, it is an art that is centuries old. Earliest historic references to the use of balsamic vinegar date back to the 1047 AD. Balsamic is thicker, richer, and sweeter than any other vinegar in the world. Authentic Balsamic Vinegar can only be labeled such if it is produced by a specific set of criteria. It must be aged at least 12 years, according to traditional methods, and native to a specific region of Northern Italy. These factors produce vinegar that is truly original. It is a process which takes a great deal of time, quality ingredients, and care. In the modern world, fast and cost effective are the mantras of many food producers. Some can try to add thickeners, sugar, or reduce lower quality vinegar to sweeten it. It is a failed attempt to replicate authentic flavors, but a trained pallet and informed customer can easily spot the difference. Knowing that a product speaks true of it...

Twisted Trunk Low Carb

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This tiny little four letter word 'carb' has been thrown around like a curse. 'Avoid at all costs' might as well be a synonym, but what is a carb really?There are two general categories to help separate the 'bad' from the 'good'. Starches and sugars, which occur as small chains, are known as simple carbohydrates. These are absorbed rapidly into the blood steam, quickly spiking blood sugar levels. Complex carbohydrates, like fiber, occur in long chains. These take longer for the body to break down and absorb, and therefore have a more steady affect on blood sugar. High blood sugar releases insulin which helps absorb sugars (glucose) into the cell. Cells can only absorb a limited amount of glucose at a time. This means excess glucose is stored in the liver and muscle tissue. Complex carbohydrates are considered healthier because they are slower to release into the blood stream. This means that cells can use more of the glucose efficiently, storing less as fat.What is considered a low car...