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Winter is for the Birds

Posted at 10:57am on December 05, 2017 in BIRDING

Winter bird watching is a great way to bring life and color to your dormant garden. I love waking up in the morning with a cup of coffee, some music, and a great view of red cardinals against the white snow. Attracting birds is an easy and fun way to liven up the garden, but where to start for the beginner?The type of food you provide will determine what species are more likely to show up. Selecting the proper seed will make a world of difference. Especially if there are specific animals you are hoping to discourage like squirrels. Listed below are some of the most common bird feed options. Most of these come in mixes or are sold individually. Sunflower is by far the most common seed type as it is relatively inexpensive, and attracts a wide variety of birds. Sunflower comes in three varieties, oiled, striped, and hearts.Oiled SunflowerThin shell makes it easy to crack for a wide variety of birds.  High fat content is excellent for winter attraction. Oil coating prevents ...


Posted at 12:41pm on November 11, 2016 in BIRDING

Are you having some trouble with larger birds chasing away the smaller birds?  This can happen all year long, but often happens as certain birds migrate.  Here are some tips from Birds & Blooms magazine.COMMON GRACKLES:Catch a glimpse of these birds in the right light and you will see their shiny, iridescent feathers. Removing feeder perches (or shortening them) should discourage grackles; like many large birds, grackles can not cling to feeders to eat. Some backyard birders say grackles do not like safflower seeds, so if you have a serious problem with them, adjust your food offerings. A lot of nuisance birds tend to leave nyjer (thistle) alone, too.BLUE JAYS:Yes, they are beautiful and recognizable, but jays are known for causing a ruckus at feeders. They are exceptionally smart, so it is not easy to outwit them with fancy jay-proof feeders. Your best bet for dealing with these beauties is to give them space and a feeder of their own. Serve peanuts in a feeder or put sunflower seed...