Posted at 10:44am on November 30, 2018

As we approach gift giving season, you may want to consider giving a gift of a live plant.  Listed below is just a few of several great possibilities.

POINSETTIAS -  The traditional and most popular of all plans, new hybrids go beyond the traditional red.  Great new pinks, whites, and marbled colors are out there.  Try adding colored branches and fresh greens along with a holiday themed pot to add some pizazz.

CYCLAMEN - A very unique flowering plant that blooms for several weeks indoors available in red, white and pink.  Add a themed container and it makes a great gift, perfect for the dining room table or kitchen counter.  I put one on each of my bathroom counters for the holidays.

CHRISTMAS CACTUS - With the immense popularity of succulents right now, a blooming cactus makes a great gift.  Very easy to care for, requires very little water and beautiful bright blooms. A real winter

NORFOLK PINE - A very unique tropical evergreen, some people use this plant as a live Christmas tree for the holidays.  Long lasting and easy to care for, take this plant outdoors once spring arrives and watch it grow!  A great gift when decorated with tiny ornaments.

HERBS - Yes, you can grow herbs indoors.  They are happy in a bright kitchen window where they can get lots of natural light, beyond the traditional herb in a small clay pot.  We also offer them in the shape of a small Christmas tree, very cute!

AMARYLLIS - Buy the bulb and watch it grow.  A great gift idea in that you give a large bulb in a pot and out from it will spring up a 2' - 3' tall stem with huge lily like flowers on top.

These are just a few of the many great plants that make wonderful gifts for the holidays.  For the person that's hard to shop for, plants are bright, cheerful and add so much beauty to your surroundings.  GIVE A GIFT THAT GROWS!