Posted at 10:46am on November 30, 2018

Remember when we were kids?  Going to the tree lot in your hometown, with your family to get the perfect tree.  For some of us this has moved into the artificial tree you get out of the tote, in the attic.  It's the same tree every year, with the same lights etc.

Maybe this year, leave that tree in the tote and come to your home town tree lot, The Green Thumbers.  You can pick from Balsam Fir, Frasier Fir and Scotch Pine trees.  They all have a different size, shape and needle size.  There is no cookie cutter tree, in a tote, and you also get the smell of a fresh tree in your home.

Bring your troops and pick out your favorite.  The staff will cut off the bottom of the trunk to give it a "fresh cut", this will allow the pores in the wood to soak up water from your stand.

After the fresh cutting we will put your tree in our netting machine; this keeps the tree bundled up for the trip home, and our staff will load your car or truck and secure the tree for the ride home.

When you get your tree home; put the tree in the stand and place it in the room.  Make sure you water the tree within 6 - 8 hours from the "fresh cut" so the tree can take on water.  It's also a great idea to add PRO-LONG water additive, to keep your tree as fresh as possible.

Now remove the netting, and you're ready to decorate. 

Remember to add water to your stand and check regularly to keep your tree fresh.

The Green Thumbers also carries all your outdoor and indoor accents, made from evergreen cuttings.

We have wreaths, door swags, mantel pieces and centerpieces for the holiday table.  Hey, in no time we’ll have your place looking like of those holiday movies we all watch this time of year!

Remember loved ones, with decoration for the cemetery; we can help with wreaths on stands, grave blankets or small trees.  Let us help you honor them. 

Our floral department is in full holiday mode; from fresh floral arrangements, fresh cut evergreen arrangements and the holiday must have poinsettias.

Poinsettias take little care if you know up front what they like.  First poinsettias like dryer soil, so most come with a foil wrap around the pot.  Cut a slit in the bottom of the foil and place on a plastic saucer or take the foil off.  Water as needed, keep moist but not soaked.  They like a bright area of your home, but I wouldn't put them right in a south facing window, normal house temperatures this time of year.  Enjoy the colors of the holidays, our poinsettias are locally grown and we take pride in quality plants, stop by our greenhouse and take some home today.

The Green Thumbers has been doing Christmas since 1948.  We have several areas to browse around our Christmas store, bird feeding center, gift basket supply area and the quad cities best kept secret Aroma Coffee & Cafe. Stop in and see us this Christmas! 

From our family to yours, have a Merry Christmas,

The Green Thumbers Family