feed the birds

Posted at 12:02pm on December 07, 2018

This Holiday Season, don't forget to take care of our fine feathered friends.

If you're having a hard time thinking of a unique gift for someone on your list this year, you might consider a bird feeder.  Bird feeding is a fun hobby that brings a lot of joy and personal satisfaction.  There are many types of bird feeders and different types of feed available to attract a wide variety of birds. I recommend going to a specialty bird feed store, like the one we have located inside The Green Thumbers, for help and advice on how to get started.

Some people feed birds only during the winter months.  Winter is a more challenging time for birds to find food.  Why stop once the snow is gone?  Many types of birds migrate through our area at different times of the year.  Maintaining a full bird feeder is a rewarding way to see those non-native birds as they pass through.  Summer is a great time to see young birds.  Anytime is a good time to feed your feathered friends.

Mounting your bird feeder to a hanger attached just outside a window is a great way to enjoy watching birds while sitting in your home.  There are even suction cup mounted feeders that attach directly to your window. I have several types of feeders all mounted right outside my sunroom and on my deck so that I can enjoy a diverse type of birds in the comfort of my home or while sitting outside on my deck. 

One of the most popular feeders is a tube feeder that will hold a variety of seed.  This is a great way to get a large assortment of birds.  There are distinctive feeders and bird food that will attract Finches as well as feeders that hold fruit for Orioles.  Hummingbirds have unique feeders that hold liquid to entice these tiny fellows.  Suet feeders are made of a wire basket that hold blocks of food called suet and are a favorite for Woodpeckers.  There are even feeders for those who like squirrels and those who don't.

If you want a great craft project for the kids that could make a great gift for Grandpa and Grandma try this.  Take a pine cone - the larger the better.  Attach a wire, pipe cleaner or string to the pine cone for ease of hanging.  Now the fun part!  Put lots of peanut butter all over the pine cone.  Lastly use bird seed like glitter and cover the peanut butter.  This is a gift that is fun for the maker and the recipient.

While bird feeding is a great hobby for young and old alike, it is especially good for those who are retired or live in a nursing home.  Feeding birds creates an environment that is full of relaxing sights and sounds.   Not only are you providing food for our feathered friends, you are bringing nature into your own backyard.  So this year - give a gift that keeps on giving.  Give a bird feeder and spread some joy.